PST Splitter

Split PST files and archive Outlook automatically

Split PST files and archive Outlook automatically

PST Splitter is developed for Microsoft Outlook users, who are struggling with huge amount of Outlook data and slow Outlook performance. Large PST files slow down Outlook's performance and it is hard to stay productive with loads of data and avoid constant PST corruption. The best solution in this case is to automatically split the PST file into smaller Outlook data files and move them to separate archive files accessible from Microsoft Outlook.

Effectively manage Microsoft Outlook data files using PST Splitter Pro Edition. It enables you to split Outlook data manually by various criteria, such as size, folders and accounts. Archive unnecessary folders of old projects and move them from existing PST to a new one, or just copy data to have it in both places. Reduce the size of your PST file, avoid reaching 2GB limitation and increase Outlook performance.

PST Splitter offers numerous beneficial features, that users are mostly looking for. The user can schedule automatic archiving by date and can completely forget about it. Data is moved to a new PST file, which is independent and native to Microsoft Outlook. None of the data is harmed during this procedure.

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